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These are the committees defined within Kentucky Public Procurement Association. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
The Audit Committee's responsibilities include: Conducting an annual audit of KPPA’s financial accounts; Presenting a detailed audit report to the Board of Directors and Identify financial control strengths and weaknesses and recommending improvements.
Membership and Diversity
This Committee actively promotes the benefits of KPPA membership; Develops communications through group emails to current KPPA members, to provide current membership information and encouraging their continued participation in KPPA; Sends out welcome letters and packages including the KPPA Membership Guide and the KPPA Membership Directory; Maintains and updates Membership Directory and Membership Guide and updates the email distribution list.
Professional Development
This Committee promotes professional certification with NIGP; Coordinates KPPA and NIGP training based on the needs of the membership; Provides certificates of attendance to document recertification points for CPPB and CPPO certified attendees of the KPPA conference; Coordinates the scheduling and set-up of classrooms to suit the needs of the instructors (AV equipment, flip charts, etc.); Coordinates travel for instructors and guest speakers who attend the KPPA conference.
Awards and Scholarships
The Awards and Scholarships Committee oversees and implements all scholarship and award opportunities available through KPPA.
The Communications Committee is responsible for: Administering KPPA’s social media accounts and website; Publicizing KPPA events and announcements, Publishing KPPA's newsletter "The In-Voice"; and Soliciting articles on governmental purchasing or related items for the KPPA membership.
The Budget Committee's responsibilities include: Preparing KPPA's annual budget to present to the Board of Directors for approval at the first board meeting of the calendar year and working collaboratively to monitor budget categories to ensure that KPPA operates within the approved budget.
The Policy Committee only meets when policy updates are suggested.
Reviews and updates the procedures for the election of the KPPA Board of Directors and Officers; Seeks other nominees from the active membership who have displayed a high interest in serving the KPPA; Presents a slate of officers and board of directors for nomination to the KPPA membership during the business meeting of each KPPA Annual Forum; Facilitates the election process during the annual business meeting, provides election ballots to the membership, and oversees the counting of the ballots; Maintains all records related to the election for a two-year period.
The Forum Committee coordinates the logistics and contracting of facilities for the KPPA Annual Forum and Vendor Exposition; Works with hotels to schedule meeting rooms for seminars and networking functions; Assures that food, space, and equipment requirements are met; Designs and publicizes the registration materials for the KPPA Annual Forum and Vendor Exposition; Works with the registration committee to distribute name badges, training certificates, and all registration materials for the KPPA Annual Conference and Vendor Exposition; Inspects all conference areas and seminar rooms for functional needs and assists exhibitor and instructors as needed.
Quality Control Team
QCT members play a vital role in assisting all attendees at the Annual Conference and Vendor Expo. Some of the responsibilities for QCT include: Equipment Setup Introduction of Speakers Speaker Gift Presenter Assist attendees with general questions Collection of Survey Forms Post Signage for Sessions Session Monitor
The Registration Committee establishes and staffs the registration desk during the registration period at the annual KPPA Forum; Creates and distributes name badges and conference materials and information; Maintains security of items kept at the registration desk; Accepts and secures proceeds from resale items displayed at the registration desk.
Reverse Trade Show
The Reverse Trade Show requires an effort from multiple committees to coordinate this event.
Silent Auction
The Silent Auction committee's responsibilities include: Coordinating all State contracted vendor donations with a value over $25; Act as a resource for agencies looking to participate by submitting donations; Set up the Silent Auction at the annual forum; Ensure Silent Auction policies are followed accurately.
Vendor Recruitment
This committee recruits vendors for participation in and sponsorship of the Reverse Trade Show and Vendor Exposition, Designs and publicizes the vendor registration materials for the Reverse Trade Show and Vendor Exposition; Communicates with vendors regarding registration, special needs, and payment; Develops new and innovative methods for enlisting vendor participation and corporate sponsorship for the Reverse Trade Show and Expo.
The Workshop Committee is responsible for: Locating, recommending, and scheduling speakers; Compiles workshop presentation materials from speakers; Develops and distributes the conference schedule; Identifies the equipment needs of speakers for their sessions; Works with the conference committee to ensure speakers’ needs are met; Publicizes the credentials of the guest speakers.

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